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I have always loved movies.

Even as a young child, I knew that film had a magical power of transporting you to places you could never have imagined, and put colour to feelings you never knew you had.

Before I even realized I wanted to be a storyteller, I was already gaining skills from directing wild children in imaginative play and reimagining fairytales in my teens as a babysitter and a day camp counsellor. I realize now that these experiences were formative in my directing approach which values co-creation and collaboration through play.

Later on, as an adult working in the strange space between science and policy, I realized that connecting to each other as humans is an essential ingredient in finding common ground. That's when I decided to study intercultural communications. These pursuits led me to produce and film my first short documentary.

Creating a documentary on food waste opened doors to talk about a complicated issue with people who I would otherwise have not been able to reach. I also realized that documentary filmmaking is the perfect blend of all of my skills and interests - the perfect marriage of left- and right- brain, bringing together my professional and educational experience with my classically trained musicality, passion for film photography, and love of working with people to imagine the world differently.

Through filmmaking, I have found my calling.

Who I am: About Me
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